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Tropical 3 Pack

Tropical 3 Pack


Comes with:

Hawaii Kava Tea

Silly Pineapple Kava Tea

Jazzy Peach Kava Tea


Hawaii Kava Tea is a tropical mix of Hawaii tea, Honey, and Kava. Hawaii Tea is a green tea blend with a fruity mix of mango and guava. Contains caffeine.


Silly Pineapple Kava Tea is a refreshing mix of Pineapple Tea, Honey, and Kava. Pineapple tea is an herbal tea blend with Pineapple cubes, mango, orange slices, tangerine, safflower, marigolds and strawberry. Naturally caffeine free.

Jazzy Peach Kava Tea is a fruity mix of Peach Tea, Honey, and Kava. This Peach Tea is a white tea blend. Contains caffeine.

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