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Check out what people have to say about our kava!

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Looking for a kava that will give you a whole new experience? PILA KAVA will do that for you!

Taylor had a bad experience with kava before & she swore not to ever drink it again, but PILA KAVA changed her mind. She felt elevated and loved it so much that she became brand ambassador! Play her testimonial video from her first visit with PILA KAVA.

Taylor Vaughan

"This changed the game for kava"

  • Instagram

"I take a shot of the straight kava (Straight Bliss) in the morning and night and then drink one of the infused bottles (PILA KAVA) during the day and I can definitely tell you it helps with anxiety and cravings for people who are recovering addicts!

Cravings happen a lot for people in recovery and the kava had helped keep the cravings under control for me. If I think I want to drink alcohol or something else I drink kava and it tricks my brain and overall keeps me leveled! Also it’s been an overall good tool to use instead of hitting my nicotine! I use nicotine a lot during busy hours at work and instead I have been drinking kava throughout the day and it has helped my mind not crave nicotine! It’s a good substitute for any type of using! It has helped me be able to cope with a stressful life style and handle situations that would usually end in a full blown panic attack. It definitely is a good drink to have when battling with mental health and/or addiction!"

Jessica Smith

"Bing bong cravings are gone"

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