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Womb Ease 3 Pack

Womb Ease 3 Pack


The Womb Ease Pack includes 3 of our Womb Ease Kava Teas, made with a comforting herbal tea blend, your choice of cane sugar, honey, or no sugar, and our magical kava.


We paired our kava's anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties with this healing tea blend, known for it's comforting properties especially for women, to help ease those through that time of the month. Raspberry leaf is historically known to help with digestive disorders and PMS issues.


This herbal tea has a light citrus flavor and is made with cinnamon, apple bits, rooibos, ginger bits, raspberry leaves, fennel, chamomile blossoms, cardamom, alchemilla, cloves, orange peels, St John's wort, black pepper, juniper berries, natural flavor, and goose grass.


*Naturally caffeine free.

  • For Best Tasting

    • Refrigerate ASAP, keep chilled
    • Bottles are good in the fridge for 1-2 days once opened
    • Bottles are good in the fridge for 30 if sealed
    • Bottles are freezable
    • If left out of the fridge, drink within 1 day
    • They are also drinkable HOT
    • Share it with good company :) 

    For any other questions contact us:

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